The Water

Every bottle of our water goes through a rigorous 8-step quality process. That’s how we make sure it meets high safety standards.

1 Collection

We collect water from the spring of Poçem. From there it travels through stainless steel pipes in our factory.

2 Filtration

The water is filtered to remove any chemicals that might be present.

3 Storage

Than the water moves to storage tanks.

4 Microfiltration

From there the water then passes through very small size filters.

5 Disinfection

We destroy bacteria with various disinfants.

6 Bottling

We bottle in a state-of-the-art filling room. All of our bottles are made on-site, so we can be sure they’re up to standards.

7 Labelling

Every bottle is labelled and stamped with the time when it’s filled.

8 Delivery

We deliver our water in every corner of Albania.

A size for every occasion

On the go
On the go
Great for an active lifestyle, when you need a little extra hydratation
The Pulpit Rock
At home
Easy to pour, whether on the table meals or in the fridge