About Fontana

FONTANA bottled water is naturally sourced water and comes from protected, natural underground sources. The naturally sourced bottled water has a unique character and composition. Our naturally sourced water is piped directly from the source to the bottling facility. All materials used at our bottling plant are such a quality that they do not modify the original characteristics of the water.

About Fontana shpk

The FONTE FONTANA Water Plant, Poçem, Mallakastër, was built in 2001, near the source of POÇEM Village, a source that has a significant flow of 1760 liters per second from the ground floor, the origin of which is believed to be from the South Range, as all the studies have failed to determine its exact origin.

The source is isolated, which protects it from all erosions and atmospheric conditions.
In 2010, the factory was reconstructed including not only the improvement of all facilities but also of the technology of water processing.
The technology installed at the factory gives us the opportunity to provide quality products to the client.

The main management is performed by the BOMIRA SHPK, for which you can get more information by visiting their website: where you can also connect and get further information about our factory aswell.